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Grown House Dispensary Compounding is the leader in personalized health, offering custom pharmaceutical medication specific to your needs. First started over 20 years ago, we lead the industry as the only dedicated pharmaceutical facility in North Hollywood. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards with the highest quality ingredients available.

Our mission is to improve the lives of those in the community with unmet medical needs by working closely with allied health professionals and delivering personalized and customized approaches to their health.


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Grown House Dispensary Product Range This over-the-counter range has been developed and compounded by our pharmacists just for you and your family. If you would like to try before you buy these products can be found at any of our Green Dispensary stores on Google maps 🗺️ 📍, or if you want to know more about these products please give our friendly pharmacists a call or text. +1(520)329-5038 FREE SHIPPING APPLIES TO ORDERS OVER $200
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